Almighty Prime Rib W/Qview

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Mar 12, 2009
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Had a sale on Prime Rib around here this week.  Decided to have a dinner party with our friends.   The stars of the party were the Prime Rib with home made horseradish sauce, and smoked potato's.   It was flat out an amazing dinner with great company.  Didn't get a lot of Q view, but here is what I got. 

The roast as it started it's journey.


Slathered with spicy brown mustard, and rubbed with our signature Beef and Shoulder Rub.  Let sit in the fridge over night. 


Used Nature's Grilling briquettes for my heat source with Hickory and Peach wood for my flavor.  Smoker was steady at 225° at the roast level.  Took about 50 minutes a pound to get to my target internal temp.  Out of the smoker comes the roast at 130°  internal with the potato's   Potato's were slathered on the outside with Garlic Mayo and smoked about 2 1/2 hours on the top grate.  My top grate runs about 275° 



After resting for 30 minutes wrapped and 10 unwrapped, the roast was sliced up into 3/4 inch steaks, and put on the platter for the dinner party.  Reserved the bones for my lunch today =) The best Prime Rib I have ever had!  Butterknife tender and so full of flavor. 


Thanks for checking out my Q!
Beautiful rib roast!  I'm glad to hear it's tender and flavorful since I purchased 30 pounds of it (Albertson's).
That's AWESOME Fourthwind !!!!

That's the way I made mine not long ago, and it was the best one I ever had too!!

Only difference was about 8˚, and I didn't steal mine! Cost me $5.99 per pound!  

That had to be a perfect dinner, and I think you were actually the real star!

Thanks for the Qview,

Beautiful rib roast!  I'm glad to hear it's tender and flavorful since I purchased 30 pounds of it (Albertson's).
You should be happy with it alright!   Just got clearance from the warden / CFO to go buy two more!   
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That looks awesome
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