A little of Everything With the Secret Rub and Sauce

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Nov 18, 2006
A while back I bought "Jeff's Naked Rib Rub" Recipe and "Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive" Barbecue Sauce Recipe and downloaded it on my hard drive some place. I forgot about it. Looking for something new I came accrossed t and decided Todays the day!

Now it's very hard for me to follow a recipes EXACTLY without changing something right off but today I was very careful not to change anything! I carefully followed the directions and measured meticulasly as I made first the rub then the sauce.

First I did the ribs with the rub. I used a bit more than I normally would but the recipe said "sprinkle enough rub to where you can no longer see the meat," so that's what I did.

The first picture is of the ribs - top rubs after waiting about 5 minutes, middle after 2 hour smoke, bottom firsted ribs.

The second picture is chiken thighs with Jeff's rub - top just sprinkled thighs, bottom I aded a bit of Jeffs sauce that wouldn't fit in my bottle.

The third picture is a variation on the apple, fatty and cheese thing I did last week. Jessie liked it so much I found 3 tubes of the Pilsbury cresent dough in the fridge and was asked to make it again. This time I made them like breafast Croissants also aple, cheddar and 1/2 JD Fatty.

The fourth is of course the left over fatty.



Now for the critque:

Both were excelent

On the rub:
Jessie though a bit less pepper on the rub would be better. Jessie is not into hot. I liked it lot but I like more garlic a little less sweet. I did put it on a little thicker than I normally would as the recipe stated no sauce required. It does actually create it's own sauce of sorts. Overall we rated it a 9 out of 10. Some minor tweeking for personal taste is to be expected.

On the Sauce:
Jessie thought it was great wouldn't change a thing. I thought it was great also. Overall we rated it 10 out of 10. A really nice sauce. I put it on ribs and chicken and it worked equally well.

Try it! You like it!

PS to give it a good trial run I used apple, cherry and hickory wood
Debi I use jeffs rib rub and bbq sauce also and follow the recipe to the tee. I dont put it on as heavy as he calls for because it was to hot for the kids. This seems to be just right and not as hot as before. I have to say these recipes are very good and recommend them to everyone.
Mighty fine lookin spread ya got there Debi! You convinced me to get TJ's rub and sauce receipe. Guess I gotta go to the store and smoke something today (nothing thawed).
Oh my.......Debi, that is enough food porn for me to put on another twenty pounds. Every thing looks so good and I appreciate the review you did.
Looks great Debi. We too use a slightly tweaked version of Jeff's rub and like it very much. Embarresed to say I have not made the sauce yet but will have to make a batch up and try it...........so much BBQ....so little time.
I really like both recipes. But my favorite is the Sauce. Everybody here that has tasted Jeff's sauce, just loves it. (Tonto you got to try the sauce!!) Their eyes perk right up and ask if I can make them some. They ask what is in the sauce, and I rattle off a few key ingredients and leave it at that........... So get this ....... I was invited to a pig roast a month or so ago, by my neighbor. We asked if we can bring anything, and she said she would let us know. Well she went to Sam's Club and dropped off of 5lbs of brown sugar, and 3 huge bottles of ketch-up to my door. I guess I should have mentioned a few more ingredients because she wanted me to make as much sauce as I could make! It was a big hit ............ I poured the sauce right back into the big ketch up bottles and customized some BBQ Sauce labels.

You wont be dissapointed if you buy the recipe!!
If you get it don't sit on it like I did it's really good! I'll try a little less rub next time bet that'll turn down the heat some for Jessie.

The sauce is even good on pulled pork sammies! I am definately gonna keep a supply of the sauce at all times! It's even great not cooked into something.

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