360 degree firebox air manifold

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by skooter, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. skooter

    skooter Fire Starter

    I was thinking that my fire would burn hotter and more evenly in my offset smoker, if I could divert the air from my pit controller fan all the way around the fire rather than just feed it all to one spot right next to the firebox wall. So I bent up a piece of 1 inch diameter tubing and put holes around the inside that feed the air to the fire from all sides. It seemed to work very well on my first test smoke.

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  2. johnboybaker

    johnboybaker Fire Starter

    Did you do your welding, because that is sweet.
  3. skooter

    skooter Fire Starter

    I did not weld it. I did the bending and machining, luckily I work closely with three exceptional welders. It's all 316 stainless.

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