3-2-1 mush?

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Those look fantastic. My problem is just with the 1 of 3-2-1. I know this firms them up, but I feel they can firm them up too much also or maybe its drying them out? My wife loves the "fall off the bone" ribs. I can go either way. Alot I feel has to do with the particular cut of ribs you have too.
Oh, I know what elephand garlic is Gypsy, I just didn't catch the correlation.

I have some ideas on how to fix my ribs now, and if they don't work, I still get to eat the mistakes.

BTW Flash, I'm talking spares. BB's are too expensive for the amount of food you get off of em.
Brennan -

3-2-1 is kind of a guide. Try just watching the meat. Spray it when it's dry, watch the meat pull back - sometimes it doesn't pull back much. Meat quality definately has alot to do with it. I wrap them as I pull them off more often than not - just because I forget to wrap ...CRS! When they are ready to add sauce if you use sauce they get stiff not flexible. The meat starts to look like it's tearing or something the fibers get stretched and the pores open up. Does this make sense? I'm not explaining this very well. I really don't like mushy or fall off the bone ribs I like to chew it's fun!

I've never done baby backs either I don't buy meat that expensive around here they go for $4.99 to $5.99 / lbs - untrimmed spares only $1.98 to 2.50.
Debi, have you looked at the loinbacks at Walmart? I think they are $3.99 here, but my CRS might have kicked in so I could be wrong. They have lots of meat and absolutely nothing to throw away except the bone after knawing in clean. Most excellent.
I didn't see any loinbacks here, but I only hit one WalMart. Sometime have to hit two or three to find anything good - but I'm smoking butts for a office picnic tonight and didn't have time.
Take them out very tenderly after the two step in 3-2-1. Put your BBQ sauce on them and then place them tenderly on a searing hot grill, turn when ready. good rule of thumb as to when they are done: take em off before they look like charcoal and leave em on till they're firm. This will create a crust that'll make em taste like deep fried angels wings with all the bite you ever dreamed of.
I agree with all the "chewers" around here. Seems to me if you want fall off the bone ribs, why not save yourself some money and just do some butts?? If you have to eat ribs with a fork, youve pretty much got pulled pork, but hey what do i know
Well, I am pretty new here and still trying to catch up on all the various discussions, but I must admit, this is by far the most interesting thread so far. Lots of ways of saying basically the same thing.

So I guess I will add my 2cents worth. While the 3-2-1 method is a good basice guide, it IS just a guide. That being said, I have found it to be a very accurate way to cook ribs at home. There are a few things to remember when using 3-2-1 though...it is designed to be used when cooking 220-240. And consistent cooking temperature is critical as always when smoking meat. After 3 hours cooking naked, I lay mine in foil and use a spray bottle to lightly spritz the ribs, then seal them i foil and leave them alone for 2 hours. At that point I open the foil and finish them for approximately 1 hour. I baste with my sauce about 20 minutes before removing from heat. Note that if you just open the foil and do not try to lift the ribs, they do not fall apart. This allows them to firm up the last hour while keeping the meat tender and juicy. May not work for others, but it works for me.

You may wanna check out the backs at sams. they are usually a bit cheaper than wally world. comes 3 racks to a pack and good quality.

if you're lookin you ain't cookin.

I hope this helps more than it muddle <g>

I started learning to BBQ ribs before I found SMF. I thought these guys know what they are talking about & tried the 3-2-1 & my ribs were not lousy but not as good as the way I figured out on my own. I keep the temps down lower than most on here. I keep as close to 200 degrees as possible. I start with a low salt dry rub I mop the ribs with a vinegar, beer, & rub mop sauce every hour. They stay naked until done 170 - 175 degrees. usually around 6 hrs, depending on the cut & size of the rack, then I pull them off wrap in plastic wrap then foil & let em rest 15 minutes to a half hour. The only problem I have found is that occasionally right at the top between the bones is a touch dry but the rest of the ribs mmmmmm
Juice (no BBQ sauce) runs to the elbows, great smoke ring & flavor, tender yet firm enough to bite. (I do a butt when I want pulled pork)

As they say just my $.02
IMHO .... the 3-2-1 is just a guide for newbies because you can't really temp check ribs. AND it's a good reminder for us old folks with CRS to check the beasties every now and then.

Before I started smoking I thought ribs had to fall off the bone to be eddible. Every place I went served them that way so it must be the right way. Doing your own you can adjust the formula to suit your tastes. I just love to chew on bones - always have .... Aruhrooooooo .... scratch, scratch ... don't know why.
i guess i posted often & was long winded on this thread but for 3-2-1 the way i measure it is- pit temp between 225-250, when the ribs start to pull back 1/2 inch- i spritz lightly & wrap(depending on the fat content of the ribs to begin w/- i don't trim),while wrapped i check 1/2 way through(if the bone still has tug but not to move the whole rack), i go to step 3- it's a color/feel thing. never taken temps on the ribs themselves. hope that helps.
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