2nd Butt with QView

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gwschenk, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Having a small dinner tonight. Last night about 10:30 I threw on my first whole butt. The butcher trimmed it before weighing and it is about 8.5 pounds. I figured 16 hours at 225 in my WSM. Used a full bag of Stubb's briquets Minion style. 13 hours into the cook still going strong. My WSM seems to like running about 250-260. Have one bottom vent about half open as well as the top vent.

    At 13 hours we're at 188 IT. Apple pie in the oven! Will serve the pulled pork with a Carolina style vinegar and red pepper sauce. Oh, and ABTs.

  2. joe black

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    That butt really looks good. I'm glad you picked a Carolina sauce, I'm sure it will be good.

    Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
  3. Joe, it was great. I took it off after 17 hours and an IT of 200. The bark was incredibly good, nice smoke ring and it pulled effortlessly. Actually had trouble getting it off the grate in one piece.

    The bag of Stubb's was more than enough fuel. The WSM is really amazing. It held a temp of 250-260 with no fiddling around with the vents for 15 hours. It was truly set and forget. Still using water in the bowl, although I swapped out the stock bowl for the smaller bowl in my ECB, as suggested here.

    The DOT setup worked well, as I just swapped out probes throughout the cook. Thermometers really are the key to what we do.

    I learned a lot on this website. All the tips and hints I've read here have really shortened my learning curve. Through all this I've only produced one slightly dry chicken, and buying the DOT cured that.

    As for the Carolina sauce, everybody loved it. It goes so good on the pulled pork. I made up a KC style sauce that nobody touched.

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