24 lb. Beef Chuck Roll

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5 PM

Flipped again @ 5 pm and had added a Polish sausage link at about 4:15 which I flipped as well. Gonna need some dinner while this big boy finishes up. The temp. was starting to fall ever so slightly so I give the basket a good shake again. Pit temp. was 220° and the CR was at 169°. Almost time to foil. I'll check it again when I get the polish here in a few minutes.

Chuck roll and sausage on the saw horses after flip so I could shake down ashes:

7:30 PM

I messed up and didn't get any Polish sausage pics. The wife and I were hungry and by the time I thought of it there were only about 6 slices left. An hour or two on the smoker sure brings regular 'ol Eckrich or whatever to life though. Thanks SmokyOky!

The CR was 180°-185° in 3 different spots at 7:30 PM. A fourth spot in the thin end was 188°. This was the 12 hour mark and the BDS temp was 240° before I lifted the lid. This is with 2 of the 4 intake plugs out now. During the flipping and foiling temp. shot up to 275° even though I put the lid back on after lifting out the grate. The lump is holding out very well. I think I could make 16 hours with the BGE lump possibly.

Here it is before foiling on the saw horses:

And setting on the foil:

I cut off that little nub that's been flopping around all day for burnt ends to keep it from poking through the foil. You can see it to the right of the foil box. Hopefully it will make 200° by 9:00 pm.
Chad you're doing an excellent job with the play by play. Not to mention that CR looks awesome... it's coming up on 9:00 - I can be there a little after 11:00 for dinner, spend an hour eating, 2 hrs back and up at 4 a.m. for work - I think it would be worth it

Thanks for sharing with us
10:05 PM

The monster chuck roll is done.
The BDS was holding @ about 225° when I pulled the roll off at 10:05 pm. The CR probed 200°- 204° using 3 different spots. I put the lid back on and pulled the 4th plug to see what the temp. would do. There are coals all over the bottom of the basket, but it is just a thin layer. Total time was 14 hrs. and 35 min. My best run by far w/ lump.

I hope ya'll enjoyed the pics and the play by play at least a little. I had alot of fun doing it. I'll post finish pics later or maybe tomorrow as well as what the temp did. I think I'm gonna let it run out and just see what it does.
Finally done.
I let the Chuck Roll rest in foil for 1 ½ hours and then sliced in half for pics and pulled. I'm about done for the day so I'll vac seal tomorrow.

Here it is after rest:

Halved for pics and pulling:

A close up of one half:

Here is the first little pulled pile. I thought it looked so good I'd better get a pic:

And the yield less what me and the dog and ate while pulling it:

The meat was fork tender, moist and had a great flavor. This is a must around here now for BBQ beef sammies and meat for enchiladas and burritos.
Excellent turn out Chad. It's too early to be this hungry. Maybe I missed it somewhere but approx how many pounds of lump did you use to run that long?
Chad, that is one helluva chunk-o-bovine ya' got going there! Looks great... looking forward to the invite... eerrr, I mean pictures of the results!

Edit: Oops, how did I miss those pix... I must have had a rougher night than I thought! Looks awesome Chad!
Cowabunga Buffalo Bob!!!!!! Great mother of pearl!!!!!!!

That hunka hunka cow looks FINE! Pretty smoke ring, juicy, man! Jane and I are drooling, getting close to licking the monitor.
I'm buying one next time.
That BDS is a meat smokin' machine. You say you know where to come up with a drum that size? Shoot me a PM.
Looks great Chad. You did a fine job on that hunk of beef. Knew I should have grabbed a handy pack, some buns and some of dad's horseradish and headed that way yesterday afternoon.
About 10 lbs. PC. I opened a new 20 lb. bag of BGE yesterday morning. I for sure didn't use more than half. Only added lump once and then lit the fire.
You guys don't have to lick the monitor, just come on down.

You don't want to be running around chasing salvage drums Mike. You and poor Jane will end eating some chemical scented meat.
You better just bite the bullet and Order one up.
You could have it by next weekend. I really didn't want to part with the cash for mine at first either. It is a bargain for what you get!
Looks like it was absoulutley fantastic Chad. Would have loved to check that drum of yours out ...should have gone and stopped being annoyed for awhile
It does an amazing job with fuel use and holding the temps!!! Very Cool!!!!!
Chad, You did a wonderful job with that chuck. Great job with the play by play and your pix's really showed off your skill with that BDS!!! Fandangtastic job!!
Great job Chad, both the meat AND the photo chronicling. As a relative new comer to the smoking world I can say you helped set some clear objectives for future projects.

Thanks for the ride.
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