24 lb. Beef Chuck Roll

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Master of the Pit
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Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
I just got done rubbing tomorrows big project down so it can bask in the rub goodness over night in the fridge. This is a monster 24 lb. chuck roll I've been waiting to do for a while. I caught it on sale a while back and have been wrestling it in the freezer ever since.
Gonna use the the ends for "burnt ends", some for sammies, and make up some shredded beef for various mexican dishes w/ the rest.

Gonna try to get this thing on the BDS first thing in the morning and see what it turns into. The rub is "Texas Wild" flavor Texas Barbecue rub. I made kind of a paste with worchestershire sauce and the rub. That method usually yields a great bark w/ the BDS and TXBBQ rub combo. More in the morning!

Here is what it looked like after the rub was applied:

I found some BGE lump locally and am pretty excited to see how long a cook I can get out of it. I figure this hunk of meat will definately put it to the test.
Good Grief Mag ... that's a chunk of heaven with the hoof trimmed off. Let us know how that goes and especially how the lump holds up.

Keep Smokin
And i thought they did things big in Texas
Thats like 2 weeks worth of food!!! I'm guessing you have all day to tend that baby, 24 lbs, hour per pound............
I'll have time to drive down for dinner! Please keep us updated, anxious for more pics!
Been wondering when you were going to smoke that hunka hunka beef. I resisted the urge to buy one when they were on sale. Had the truck though, I could have hauled it home.
If the charcoal holds out the BDS is up to the task, without doubt. Post pics and a blow by blow account of the smoke.
And PM me when it comes off. We can drive down while it is resting.
I was off and running at 7:30 this morning. The BGE lump is very similiar to RO as expected, but does seem to be the bigger prime pieces as I had been hearing. I spent about 20 min. arranging and shaking as well as trying to fill every hole in the basket using tongs and the shaker stick provided with the BDS.

Here is the CR and two fatties for breakfast burritos at about 9:30 or 10 when the Mrs. and little one get up. The big one is a 2 lb. breakfast style and the 1 lb. chub is Italian for snacking later. Yes folks, that is a 27" dia. grate that chuck roll is swallowing. This thing is huge, I thought at first I was going to have to cook the fatties and other snack items later on the second grate.

Here is a couple shots of the BDS chugging right along doing it's thing as expected:

And the temp is locked on and I'm on auto-pilot. What a joy this smoker is to use. It's so easy even I can do it.

I just turned the fatties at about 8:20 and had a little temp spike so I plugged her up for about 5 min. and am back on auto-pilot.

More later, I have some polish sausage to throw on for lunch and a chub of bologna for additional snacks. I may be too full for the CR when it's done, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.
9:30 am

Pulled fatties and turned chuck roll. Fatties were @ 170° internal and BDS was running @ about 235°. Things are starting to smell great!

Chuckie after first flip:

Fatties waiting to become breakfast. When I probed them w/ the Thermapen the juices really seemed to roll today. The boss is making buttermilk biscuits and eggs to make breakfast sammies instead of burritos. We had ate breakfast burritos all week courtesy of PeculiarMike and his wife. They were awesome, but it was time for a change of pace.

Mag, looks great. I could bring some cool refreshments and head that way, should be there before its done. Keep us posted, getting ready to take grandkids out for dinner and pickup some needed items from the store. Check in later to see how it turns out.
man i can't stop dribblin' sure looks awesome. can't wait on my venison hind quarter tommorrow
Chad -

That big ole hunk of meat makes your BDS look like and ECB! Man that pretty! Around here that'd cost almost $100!

Your making my tummy growl!
1 PM

Just finished the second flip at 1 pm and shook the charcoal down. The temp had dropped down to about 215° just before flip. I had the charcoal packed in so tight it was burning out the middle and kind of making a lump skeleton around the middle. I removed the rack and meat and sat on saw horses and shook it down real good. The BGE seems to be lasting alot better. I'm 6 hours into the smoke and the basket is at least 2/3 full still.

Here is the chuck roll prior to the second flip:

And after flip in the BDS and then sitting on the saw horses:

This cooking dinner thing is hard work. I new them fatty biscuits were gonna require a nap to digest properly. Fortunately my funny wife was here to catch me.

Sounds like meat is high dollar out there Debi. I saved my sticker so I could remember exact weight and all. 23.89 lbs @ $1.98 lb for total damages of $47.30. Regular price per lb. here was $2.49, but I caught these on sale a while back.
$1.98 / lb ? For beef ? Damn around here even hotdogs aren't that cheap! I usually pay $2.98 / lb for brisket. WOW!

Boy that kid is growing Chad! And got bibed overalls just like Daddy! How cute is that! PURRR-RESH-IS!
3 PM

Just flipped the third time and give the basket a little shake for good measure. Also, stuck the CR w/ the Thermapen for the first time. 6 ½ hours in and @ 153° in the thickest part of the thick end. I'm probably going to turn again at 5 pm and I suspect it will be ready for foil then. Not sure if the bark will be as set as I like it to be. I went heavy on the rub since this was a big hunk-o-meat and I loves me some bark.

Here is the before flip:

And after:

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