20gal build Finially DONE

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by regularjoe, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. regularjoe

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    The tank did not burn out good enough. I will scrub it out and do it again. Today I got the,
    Door cut out.
    Hinges cut out and of 3/16 sheet.
    Installed hinges
    Installed seal around door. (I used the notching method as described in Ribwizzards thread. Worked great Thanks.
    Rear firebox sheet cutout for FB/CC opening.
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  2. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    Also ground down weld on the patches where the plugs where.
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  3. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    I left the door big so can get every square inch out of it. If I have a seal issue I planned on installing plate with a slot in it and a handle on the lid that rotates around into the slot.
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  4. Hey, that kind of looks like one of mine,...I better check the garage!....lol.:Looks-Great:
  5. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    LOL thanks Ribwazzard. I am really surprised how much time it is taking to build.
  6. Take your time and build it right! Then you will have something that will last a lifetime!
  7. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    Absolutely correct Ribwizzard. We were getting tiard so we called it for the night. I knew things were not gonna go well if we just kept goint just for the sake of it. I was really hoping to have the firebox done but with never building one before I never know how far I can get in a day. It's always just a guess.
  8. I know what you mean, I was welding the reverse flw pan in her and my back was hurting,moulding get the welder dialed in for nothing, and all that water in the right bottom of this pic is me sweating like you couldn't believe, couldn't even keep the welding helmet from sliding off, and the lenses was fogging up every five minutes...

    Needless to say, called it quits and decided to finish another day!

  9. Even after I've done 2 I would say that is still true,each time you try to build another and make an "improvement" from the last build it changes how the build turns out and in what timeframe it'll happen in.
    It's only when you build so many that you have to start numbering your builds that you get to makin more accurate build time quotes. Cough RibWizzard cough
  10. ;)
  11. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    Well my plan is to hit it again this week or this Saturday and try to get the fire box welded and attached. I may even try to get the RF plate installed. My mother in law wants a brisket smoked for her birthday but I am not sure I can make time to do it. I just picked one up and was planning on doing it in the one I am building not my webber.
  12. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Im really enjoying this build. Keep the photos rolling…..
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  13. radioguy

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    You spend hours, making a part, cutting, fitting, grinding and then 2 minutes with the welder.....on to next piece. 

    I like you had no idea how much time it is taking.  I am going on about a year in my spare time, but I admit there have been some of those 8-12 hour days in there too. 

    Joe, its looking good, keep the updates coming. 

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  14. I try to build each piece " in my mind" several times while I'm driving, or working out, etc. so that when I actually have the time to get in the shop, I have all the bugs worked out and make the best use of my time. It works out about 20 percent of the time .
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  15. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    Would this punched steel work for a cooking grate or would expanded metal be better. I have both. Thanks.
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  16. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    Sorry the pic didn't attach to the last post. I was concerned that it would rust easier or it would effect the way the heat cooks the meat.
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  17. It would work, the only problem I see is that the higher contact area may make the food "stick" more than rod or expanded metal. The other problem is at higher heat, it may try to warp.

    But the good thing is, if it dont work, just build another rack down the road, right!
  18. I had a buddy that used that, after a couple of smokes he changed to expanded metal, said he just didn't like it.

  19. regularjoe

    regularjoe Smoke Blower

    OK thanks for the replies. I will just stick with expanded metal. Maybe I will use this for my shelf under the smoker to hold my wood and charcoal.
  20. lendecatural

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