2012 MES 40 vs. Old Model MES 40

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    Sounds like the part they are sending me resolves the issue where the wood chip tray could be inserted incorrectly and cause a flare up and also increases the size of the chip tray. I did not think this issue was in the 312/512 and only the gen1/311 (An old Issue). I don't think I need the part for my 512 but they are sending it any and I don't think it has any affect on air flow but will update when I receive the part this week with a photo of the part. Sounds like the pre-assembled units have the correct tray and larger loader. I guess some of the earlier versions must have required assembly of this section. What the hay do I know? Very little just ask my wife...

    I had not seen this notice before and just found it on a search. Funny that I could not find it anywhere on the BassPro web site, It did show up on Sams/Walmart site but ya got to go deep for it. These kinds of things should be mailed direct to the buyer ya would think. Maybe they were?
    • MasterBuilt Digital Electric Smokehouse Product Safety Notice
    Models:20070312, 20070512

    Bass Pro SKU# 1856727, 1856728

    Improper placement of wood chip tray may cause potential flare up.

    Call Masterbuilt toll free at:


    to recieve free replacement wood chip housing

    Masterbuilt has become aware of a situation where the wood chip tray can be inserted into the wood chip box incorrectly, causing a potentially unsafe condition. A modified wood chip box is available, and can be shipped to you at no charge. Please discontinue use of your smoker and follow the contact information below. Once you have received the modified wood chip box and installed it, you will be ready to continue use of your smoker. Thank you for your purchase and Masterbuilt apologizes for the inconvenience.

    You should contact Masterbuilt Customer Service immediately for assistance.

    Via phone:

    800.489.1581 Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm (EST)

    Via Email:

    [email protected]

    When contacting us via email please include your name, complete shipping address, model number and contact phone number.
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    The assembly is quite different but there are issues with installation. Will have to talk further with MB.

    The old and new assembly.

    Burner more exposed to box and no mounting to support box just sits on burner.

    Inside of assembly more open but appears there might be less air flow. There is 6 air holes on the top end. Three screws mount the old assembly only two holes in new assembly. Well more to follow...
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    Looking at Todds pictures it appears this is the same assembly as the Gen-1 but with a larger tray so good or bad?
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    BTW Magnets are a great idea.  I fit the 3" elbow over the existing vent and I did use mine in temps about 30-40 degrees, condensation not that bad though and it may depend on what it is you are smoking.

    Another post by Fuzzyfishin (I think) said he removed the existing vent and used the entire opening which I would like to test ,

    maybe improve airflow and heat convection to even out the box , then usea damper on the 3" pipe. 
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    They sent me the wrong parts!

    Sam's club has pulled the New Generation from stores and the web. MasterBuilt is showing out of stock.
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    Amazon had old gen for sale and new gen was "temporarily out of stock" now old gen is temp out of stock and new one is up and much more expensive. I hope they figure things out soon. I have the old gen on my amazon wedding registry, just in case any of our guests are feeling extra generous! haha. fat chance.
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    I guess everyone knew about the Safety Notice must have just been me in the dark. I was told that a rep came to the store when this was an issue and modified the stock. Now they should ship with the modification. Apparently the mod is nothing more than the tab that bends down to keep the chip pan from being placed on the element rather than in the holder. Mine was correct. Maybe this mod provides other upgrades to the older versions but no air flow change for my 512 just the tab.

    I exchanged my 512 hoping to get an accurate meat probe. The first one was reading 20° high, and the new 512 is reading 30° higher than my other 2 probes including my new ET-732 (Thanks Todd). The ET-732 and my Pyrex probes read exactly the same temperatures while the MES is out there on it's own 30° above the pack. The temps in the chamber were all similar to my first 512 testing.

    I cold smoked cheese in the new box with the AMNPS. Wow that was easy! I posted a couple of pics http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/130070/smoking-cheese-in-mes/40#post_924397

    Turkey thawing!

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    Ok I am trying this Mod but the vents I found at HD do not fit like I had hoped. I think I read that the vent can just slip on and holds itself in place. I was hoping to use this tomorrow any ideas on where to find the correct vent?

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    That is a insulated vent. I used a plain dryer vent with earth magnets

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    It will fit using the large end not the crimped end. The magnets make it stronger on a windy day. I also put a  6 inch extension too make it higher. Hope this helps
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    GotRDone Thanks!
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    Smoked up a 15.65 LBS Turkey yesterday with a large pan on rack below with some veggies and broth. BIG bird but smallest I could find. Everything is big in Texas. Go big or go home.

    Preheated the smoker 275 based on MES reading anyway for 45 minutes or so.

    Added bird, AMNPS, and liquid pan. AMNPS burning and smoking away out side MES for a good 10/15 minutes.

    From that point on the highest temp for the MES based on the ET-732 clipped on the rack by back wall behind bird and just above MES sensor was 212°.

    My two oven thermometers were reading 230ish siting in front and behind the bird to left and right of rack. The MES sensor reading was always 275° +/- 10/20°

    I made the 4:00 hr 140° barrier mark at about 3:30. Took 7:00 hours total to get to 165°

    The AMNPS went out 3 times and I had to stop trying due to heat loss from opening the door. I assume this was due to moisture in the MES. I had micro waved the pellets like before. Also tried on the drip pan raised with the ring like before and over water bowl with bowl removed. It was also foggy out so tons of moister in the air. Just used the MES wood tray and loader also hoping this would help raise the temp in the box. I had hoped to cook the bird around 260/270° but MES could never get there. Outdoor temperature yesterday here was around 70°.

    Tried the vent elbow mod but removed due to black liquid running out of back of MES like my gen-1 did (with no elbow). No idea where this liquid came from. I highly recommend anyone using the MES on a surface that could stain like a wood deck use some type of container to sit the MES in just in case. I have seen this with a gen1 and now a gen2 and no idea where this liquid comes from or how it gets there.

    Turkey was OK skin was not edible good smoke flavor and color. Not my best work for sure. For my cooking about a 5 on a 10 scale. Dark meat was pretty good but breast a bit dry.

    Gave up on the MES meat probe since it is off 30° just not much use.

    I want the MES to work for me in a bad way but still not 100% happy with it. If not for dealing with charcoal and the price of the charcoal/wood I think I would go with the WBS 22. Still have plenty of time for more play/testing to decide....

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    This will make me look like the mechanically uninclined (don't think that's an actual word, but I think it gets the point across) idiot I am, but how did you attach the pieces of metal to the pipe, rivets?  If doing something that looks relatively this easy will keep my AMNPS smoking for the length of a smoke, I will do it.  Then might try the mailbox mod later if that doesn't work.  Thanks in advance.  
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    I wonder if a 3" duct tee with a cap on the bottom of the tee to catch most of the condensation and a damper would give you the best combination of draft control and condensation control?  I don't know of anyone who sells a standard in-the-pipe style balancing damper but a few minutes with a rivet gun or self drilling screw should let you put a pivoting damper on the top of the duct.



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    Yea I gave up on the elbow last weekend because of the mess from the condensation and also gave up on the AMNPS. I have a replacement MES and the new box 20070612 appears to be working as advertised so far! Having trouble with my Mav probes as well, always something!
  16. smoker21

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    I covered where the probes meet the wire with high temp silicon and haven't looked back.
    They ain't cheap to replace, so it's insurance.

    Good smoking
  17. :grilling_smilie:
    I'm not new on here but have not been on here for a long time...
    I am trying to decide which one to buy.. The old MES 40 inch or the New 2012 one 40 inch MES I seen at SAMs 2 days ago.
    Im a woman and do all the cooking for the DH and 8 year old special needs son.
    Will u all give this lady some advice on which one to buy?
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    FWIW I just got the old 40 with window. It's pretty awesome. have not had opportunity to see or try the new 40.
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    My Mav probe problem is just the rubber seal and not sure what happened to it but Todd will take care of getting me a replacement. Mav works fine just damaged the seal some way and no idea how. Will try the silicone or some other way to protect them going forward.

    The AMNPS works as advertised it is just difficult to keep lit with the Gen2 MES. Next smoke I will go back to putting the AMNPS over the drip pan hole and placing the pan on the bottom.

    So far so good with this 20070612 model MES. If the unit continues to work solid might have to start recommending the MES 20070612 model.
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    Christina - Lots of threads about the MES to review and help with your decision. The old model has a good record and following. Those of use that have been "field testing" the new MES for Masterbuilt have had a little rougher ride. Check the model numbers and get an extra warranty and good return policy just in case if you can. I think I am happy now with mine but it has been a challenge.

    Smoke One!

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