1ST Smoke planned Sunday 5/19 - Your advice on menu mix ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aztexkid, May 17, 2013.

  1. My new MB XL gasser has RTV door seal, added thermometer, and cast iron skillet in porcelin chip pan with adjustable leg mods finished. It has been seasoned.  I am wondering which foods I can/should mix on my first smoke?  Candidates are ribs (beef and/or pork), a pork butt/shoulder, chicken (whole, leg quarters or thighs), corn on the cob, baked potatoes and beans under one of the meats. What kind of mix would you all recommend based on temperature compatability and likelyhood of success for a first timer?  Really looking forward to it!!
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    You can smoke all of those meats in the same temp range, although I like to cook chicken a little higher than pork.  I generally cook ribs and pork butts in the 225-250 range (although many people cook pork at temps of 275 or higher), and chicken in the 275-300 range.  If I were going to do chicken and pork together, I'd probably try to shoot for a cooker temp of 250-260, which is a happy medium for both.  Just make sure you put the chicken on the bottom of the cooker...you don't want raw chicken dripping on any other foods.  You can do your veggies, potatoes, beans at the same time, just have to keep a watch that they don't overcook.

    Best advice IMO for a first-time smoke, don't get too ambitious.  Pick one or 2 items to smoke to get your feet wet and learn a little about your smoker.  That way, if things go south, you won't be throwing out a whole cooker full of food.

    Good luck, and be sure to show and tell us how it goes!

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  3. If I may put my 2 cents in here, I agree with SeenRed.  For your 1st smoke I'd say choose 1 meat.  Learn to control the temp in your smoker ( all are different ).  Do your sides in the kitchen.  If it doesn't turn out; run down and buy a roast chicken.  Not a toal loss.  Walk first then run.  Just my 2 cents.  Keep Smokin!
  4. I am NOT planning to do them all.  Want to keep it simple and fun. These suggestions are the kind of ideas I am looking for. Corn and potatoes don't cost much, so little to lose there if things go poorly. I'm thinking ribs and a little chicken and veggies. Maybe just ribs or chicken with the veggies. That's why I'm looking for the feedback. Thanks,  AZT
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    Great spot for your beans is right under the Brisket.  This will add great flavor to have the drippings in your beans.  But yeah keep chicken at the bottom.  Cause if it drips on any other meats, that is no bueno.

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