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  1. K

    Is pork safe to eat being wrapped raw?

    I am trying to do a Hawaiian pulled pork style sandwich. I wrapped the entire raw pork shoulder in banana leaves and put it on the smoker at 200. It’s now been 4 and a half hours roughly and it has reached 145. If I continue on to 170ish will my pork still be safe to eat? Beginner here obviously...
  2. cansmoke


    I smoked up a 5 lb piece of brisket for 7 1/2 hours at 250F using hickory. I wrapped for last 1 1/2 hours. First time doing that and made a difference to final product. I think by wrapping it ended up smokier taste which is a good thing. Served up on toasted cheese buns.
  3. C

    Searching for Food Truck Info

    Hello All!!! New to the board and have a few questions. I’ve searched the forum best I could and haven’t quite got all of them answered. So please bear with me here.... First off I will be purchasing the truck this week barring everything goes accordingly. We will cook the basics both breakfast...