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  1. smokey mo

    the makings of a beast for sale.

    Hey Guys/Gals. I have a 500G propane tank with the danger cut already done. a small portion of one dome has been removed and it is loaded up t burn off the paint. I have just been having some family/home issues that require me to refocus and a beast 2.0 is not in the cards right now and I have...
  2. kilo charlie

    Whole Hog Rotisserie rebuild

    So.. I have some questions and while I have no expectations of exact answers , I am hoping that someone can help me with some advice. I have a new to me whole hog roster that's in need of restoration and modification. I'm debating about adding 2 Pellet Pros to the back side of this roaster...
  3. Meat&Smoke

    Finally Got my 500 Gallon

    Hello Everyone, Brand spanking new to the site but have been a longtime admirer for YEARS, started my journey on a crappy Charbroil offset 10 years ago and have been in love with BBQ ever since. Came to this site for different mods and such, since then I have been patiently planning and...
  4. L

    WTB NSF Certified Smoker on trailer

    I am looking to start a catering business in MA. I was just informed by the local Health Board that they will only grant certification and licensing for the business if I am using a NSF certified smoker. I am hoping to find a fairly large NSF certified offset unit on a trailer, but I am open to...