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    Pulled pork - not all muscle ready at the same time

    It is the second time that this happen to me. Basically, I start with a 10 pound pork shoulder (pork butt without bone - that is what is available here, not my call). Setup: Akorn (i.e. "metal kamado") Deflector plate on 11 hours on the cooker 250-275F for the entire cook (digital grill...
  2. A

    Brisket Help

    So this is my second brisket and I'm very much a newbie. The first time I pulled it too soon at 197F and it was under cooked. Equipment: Weber Kettle + offset This time I got a small brisket. About 3.5 lbs flat only. It was buffalo not beef. You dont get beef where I stay. The cut was...
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    Smoked Brisket: Perfect fatty side, Tough lean side.

    So I smoked a 13lb brisket for 16 hours yesterday in my new smoker. After pulling it and resting it for about 3 hours I began to cut it up. The entire fatty side from top to bottom was perfectly tender, fat rendered perfectly, flavor was best I've ever done, HOWEVER, the lean side was tough...
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    First pastrami- greyish center?

    Greetings all, Finished my first pastrami! It tastes great and is family approved :) BUT not perfect. 10 days in cure (I used the bacon cure calculator on here and cure #1, flipped daily) cut a corner and cooked it up to taste for salt and soaked it two hours in cold water. Smoked at 250 to an...