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  1. KrisUpInSmoke

    Bacon-wrapped, Stuffed Apples (Q-view and Recipe) - October 2018 Throwdown Judges' Choice

    I'm honored to be the Judges' Choice Winner of the October Throwdown! Thanks again to the judges, @bmudd14474 for coordinating the competition, @TomKnollRFV for drumming up enthusiasm and encouraging everyone to enter, and @bvbull200 and @TulsaJeff for putting up great prizes! Without...
  2. bmudd14474

    Oct Throwdown VOTING

    Without further delay here are your entries. Goodluck to them all. 1)Smoked Apple Stuffed Crisp with Caramel and sugar 2)Apple smoked pork tenderloin dressed with apple chutney and smoked Classic American Apple Pie. 3)Apple wood smoked pork loin with a layer of spiced apples wrapped in hot...
  3. Rings Я Us

    Pasta Throwdown

    Maybe a pasta throwdown would include most everyone in the forum. We could have it so it must have pasta and at least one thing that you have smoked yourself in the mix. Sounded plausible to me and maybe one time we can try that. Beef N Pasta sounds like it would even be a broad enough...