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  1. GrumpyGriller

    Freeze/thaw or fridge - Prime Ribeye?

    So... here's my quandary :) Restaurant Depot near me has a good price on boneless prime ribeye roasts ($11.39/lb for Black Angus); they are cryovac packaged and about 20-22 lbs. I will be smoking one (though I cut into 2 pieces to get 4 ends) on September 24th but picking them up on the 14th...
  2. cyclonefan

    Gmg - pizza attachment - storage suggestions?

    Helllo, I recently bought the pizza attachment for my gmg Daniel Boone pellet cooker. I have been very impressed with the pizzas cooked on it so far. As the attachment requires removing grates and heat shield, I'm wondering if anyone has found a tote or something to store the attachment when not...
  3. loosechangedru

    Freezing multiple briskets

    Found a decent enough deal on briskets, and I was thinking to buy 3-4. I read somewhere on here to wait 30-45 days after it was packed to open the cryo-vac packaging. A) can anyone confirm that? And B) Should I wait and then freeze? Thanks in advance! I will repay in brisket qview 3-4 times...
  4. J

    Rehydrate again at a later date

    Hey guys, So I purchased the Nesco snack-master dehydrater on Amazon and made an amazing marinade that my eye of round soaked in for 24 hours. I stuck it in the dehydrater and 2 hours in the dehydrater seized and was unable to turn back on. With that being said, I packed up my...
  5. Sal Barsanti

    Storage Options - Smoking Wood - Ideas

    Just wondering how folks store their smoking wood? I have a decent about of chopped cherry wood (all dry) in my garage and now have even more split oak that needs to dry. I have the wood in the tall leaf bags (paper) and some cardboard boxes. Just wondering how everyone stores their wood...