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spanish chorizo

  1. Dafish13

    Umai Spanish Chorizo Troubleshooting

    I made Spanish Chorizo using the 50mm Umai casings and their recipe. I cured the sausage for 2 days before it went into the refrigerator for a targeted 40% weight loss. After 6 1/2 weeks it had only lost 38% and I lost my patience so I pulled it out. I cannot comment on the taste as I was too...
  2. S

    Spanish Chorizo Question

    Hey all! Here's a quicky for y'all. I made 5 lbs of Spanish chorizo about 4 weeks ago. It has been air curing in my closet without any attempt to regulate the temperature and humidity. The sausage does have curing salt #2 (1tbs) in it and a considerable amount of red wine for acidity. Here's the...
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