smoking with wood chips

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  1. lamc-smoker

    Chips or chunks

    I have an electric smoker. When is the best time to use wood chips and when to use wood chucks?
  2. Chief Alien

    Smoking with Beer

    I am curious to hear any experiences and tips for adding beer flavors to smoking meats. I have read about soaking wood chips (but fear it would dilute the wood flavor?) and putting beer in the pan (makes more sense but would I do a 100% beer or a beer/water mix?). I also have been thinking a...
  3. O

    Smoking Method In Oven

    Hoping some of you out there might be able to help me in coming up with a good way to smoke in an oven with wood chips. Generally smoking in an oven you could just create a tent but im dealing with smoking 40lbs of ribs or salmon at a time in a commercial oven using 3 or 4 racks. Currently i am...