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  1. S

    Heat source questions for new smokehouse build.

    I'm looking to build a smokehouse similar to this one. I'm shooting for interior dimensions of 36" wide, 30" deep, and 4-5' high. The walls would have 1.5" foam board insulation with concrete board on the inside sides and bottom (30" high) and plywood at the top. Floor and ceiling would also...
  2. P

    Rain issues

    Hey guys finally got the smokehouse finished and dialed in exactly as far as the cold smoked process going and keeping that smoke flowing just right My first item I did was quite a large brisket and smoked it at about 90° for 20 hours and I couldn't believe I actually made one of the best...
  3. P

    Help my pipes won't smoke!!

    Hey everybody I am new here I have some issues with the smokehouse I just spent the last week building hopefully somebody can give me some ideas on how to get the smoke to my smokehouse I have about 6 ft 7 ft of 6-in pipe run to a fire pit which is much lower than my smokehouse everything is...
  4. G

    New smoke generator from scrap

    Made this NYE for some bacon and shoulder.
  5. hillcountryrick

    Converting an old stone meat locker to a smokehouse

    I have an old 7'x8' meat locker built as a cement box clad in field stone with a 6" flat concrete roof, and I'm converting it to a smokehouse. I'll be building a firebox about 6' away connected to the smokehouse with a 6" clay sewer pipe for cold smoking, and also a heat source will be added...
  6. A

    Smokehouse Insect Repellent Tips Needed

    I recently built a smokehouse that will be staying at my deer lease (possibly permanently). Since it is staying at my deer lease it was done fairly frugally, only costing me about $20 to build. When I was testing it this past weekend adding smoke and heat I notice a fairly large spider crawling...
  7. SmokeyRancher

    Hello from Northern Alberta Canada

    My Handle is SmokeyRancher. My wife and I own a small Farm/Ranch in Northern Alberta. We raise Speckle Park Beef Cattle for breeding stock and consumption. I work in the oil patch (what's left of it) moving drilling rigs mostly in the winter months. I'm an avid hunter and fisherman, I have 2...
  8. I

    MiniMax Smokehouse

    Here it is, my modest urban smokehouse that uses a MiniMax Green Egg as a fire pit. I had a heck of a time making it work how I wanted it to, went through 3 redesigns but now it finally works like a charm. Why green egg? I wanted something portable, reliable/predictable and requiring little...
  9. smoothbiker

    Avoid humidity to avoid mold

    Hello. I'm originally from Arizona and that's where I started to smoke meats and learned and progressed. Obviously a very dry climate. I've since moved to southern Ohio and where I live it is a very very humid/moist area. I need to buy or build a new smoker for myself. Originally I had...
  10. AmazonDon703

    Help: Is there such a thing as too clean of a fire?

    Hoping some of the more experienced Pitmasters here can help me out. I recently purchased the old country BBQ pits smokehouse vertical smoker. I love everything about it except for I'm kind of noticing that it's not getting that much smoke on the meat. I'm not sure if it's the smoker or if...
  11. Cook63

    Smokehouse build

    Starting this build in July. Finished all my metal work yesterday and put fire to it today. Finally cold enough here in Kansas to be able to get some cold smoke rolling!
  12. Diehardmason

    REVIEW: Just purchased the Old Country Smokehouse....I love this smoker.

    I don’t see many reviews of the smoker I just purchased so I’ll give one in hopes it may help others. This Smokehouse is actually a great smoker build. The indirect heat from th bottom based firebox is a neat design. Almost no chance for char/burn from imcorrect placement of tuning plates used...
  13. jwbusmusher

    Building a brick smoker?

    Hey All! I have recently bought the lot next door and after clearing the small pines and oak (saving the oak for later) I am kicking around the idea of building a small brick or block smoker. Nothing too grandiose, maybe half the size of a fridge with a offset box. Anyone have any ideas or...
  14. D

    Smoker build with problem

    I built my smoker based on the plan I saw on this sight a couple years back by a user named atcnick. Here's the link to his original project photos: Build Anyway, my project came out very similarly: My problem now seems that the...
  15. HotBox

    Newbie to smoking

    I'm new to the world of smoking and recently built a 4'x4'x8' tall smokehouse on a concrete slab. I'm using the propane with woodchip method for my smoking source and hope it all goes well.