smoked foods

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  1. schlotz

    Too much fussin' - go with naked ribs

    A number of years ago I got tired messing around with the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 methods and went back to putting them on an leaving them until done. I won't say this is anything special but it's the recipe I've been using for quite some time with consistent success. BTW, signature has some sauces if...
  2. Smoked All Natural Mustard

    Smoked All Natural Mustard

    Unique and unmatched among the best mustards on the market! Great with a whole host of meats such as roast beef and silverside. All natural ingredients used including apple cider vinegar from Gippsland, Victoria. Available here:
  3. schlotz

    So you want to try smoking your first Pork Shoulder

    There are many ways, and all of them can give great results. One of the reasons is that pork butts are very forgiving. Here is the recipe I usually pass on to those first starting with a smoker. The results are both predictable and repeatable. This recipe has never failed to delight who ever...