smoked bacon

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  1. Wurstmeister

    First Bacon with A-Maze-N 5X5 in MBE

    Today was prep for tomorrow's rotisserie ribs and vegetables. I was told to make the bacon, so I did. I used the basic German Bacon recipe from Hank Shaw's website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (attached) EDIT: ADDED PINK SALT BY WEIGHT to the recipe. Now, this was a good opportunity to learn...
  2. I

    MiniMax Smokehouse

    Here it is, my modest urban smokehouse that uses a MiniMax Green Egg as a fire pit. I had a heck of a time making it work how I wanted it to, went through 3 redesigns but now it finally works like a charm. Why green egg? I wanted something portable, reliable/predictable and requiring little...