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  1. jimmyinsd

    Fat Content for Summer Sausage?

    I am going to try summer sausage for the first time and want to use up some venison as part of the product. I have ground pork that is roughly 75-80% lean, as well as ground beef that is likely in the 85-90% lean, can anybody offer a good mixture from what I have on hand or should I be...
  2. JoeGNJ

    Use MES for drying sausage?

    I have a MES 30 digital smoker. I'd like to try curing, drying and cold smoking sausages using Prague 2. Most recipes call for a drying out/hanging the sausage for several days before smoking. I don't have a suitable place to hang them. I was wondering if I could hang the sausages in my MES...
  3. M

    Why can't all things be smoked?

    Hello, all. m3taldoc here. I'm new to forums, so forgive me if I do something stupid. The name is because I'm a metallurgist, not because I like 80's Heavy Metal Bands. I'm relatively new to smoking and sausage making, and have found this site to be chock full of good information...
  4. wnctracker

    MES 30/MES 40: how many Lbs of sausage fit?

    How many lbs of sausage will fit in the MES 30 or MES 40? I usually do batches in 10 lbs but occasionally do 25 lbs. I've never used one so I really don't know how much will fit. I don't care if the sausage is pretty or if it hangs or sits on the rack just so it's delicious. I'm looking at...