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  1. R

    Pork Shoulder, The Rub, The Mop, and The Recipe

    Hello friends! Been a while since I've posted. I've been searching the forums for advice on pork shoulder. Mostly I've seen Honey Hog this, or apple mop that. I'm a bit more of a concrete thinker when it comes to new cuts of meat and a recipe so I'm wondering if there is a sub forum with tagged...
  2. reformedvegan

    Memorial Day Tri Tips on the Pit Boss pellet cooker

    Folks, I want to check in and share the results of my first cook of the season. I did two untrimmed tri tips on the Pit Boss 700S. As I mentioned last summer, I am very new to this and only cooked twice on the cooker after getting it last summer. This is my third cook. One tri tip was about...
  3. smokinbarrles

    Rub and Wrap

    Hi Yall. So iv noticed a lot of people add rub to the meats the day before and put it in the fridge overnight. Growing up i was always told not to salt (which is in rubs or SPOG) a steak or burger to early because it draws out moisture (which it does). So my question is does the rub soak...
  4. paspitbbq

    Market my rubs

    I could use some Ideas on what I can put my rubs on so people can taste it. I can not use meat because my rubs are made under the Florida Cottage law. Taster spoons with rub on it is very bold. Thanks
  5. Smokey S

    Rookie smoker trying out ribs. I have a couple questions.

    Just got my smoke hollow 38” yesterday and can’t wait to cook some ribs tomorrow! I’ve done some research on here and I found some great advice. I’ll be cooking baby backs, and my wife and I both like FOTB ribs so I’ll be using the 2-2-1 method, shooting for a consistent 225 cooking temp. I have...
  6. Jonathan Carlson

    It's only Tuesday...

    And I'm already nervous about smoking up my ribs on Fathers Day... Not much going on at work so now I'm doing my due diligence before the big day. So naturally I have a few questions.. mainly needing opinions. - I've seen people in the forums talking about the 3.2.1 or 3.1.2. or all smoke...
  7. trillo15

    Chicken or Beef Stock

    Hey Everyone.. Does anyone use chicken stock when doing up chicken rub? Or beef stock for a beef rub? Thanks in advance!