rib rack

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  1. Rmartinez2

    Full Grill Quick Help

    Hey everyone, Today i will be making 8 racks of ribs. I've got 4 on the top rack and 4 on the main rack. Im running at 250* and my grill display says 250 (+/- the usual). My thermometers are reading way way lower at around 160 to 180*. There's hardly room for the thermometers and I'm guessing...
  2. louiedimo

    How do you keeps ribs separated when using a rib rack?

    I normally smoke ribs flat on the grate but when the quantity exceeds the grate space, I use rib racks. I don't like that the ribs slump over on the ends and touch. It makes it hard to mop them and impacts the consistency of the circulation. I'm thinking of using skewers through the ends to...