reverse flow built homemade

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  1. donny88

    500gal propane tank

    I have a 500 gal old propane tank. I want to use part of for a smoker besides opening all the plugs to atmosphere and maybe rinsing it what other ways or steps should I do to get rid of old propane gas from the tank before cutting? Also how long should I leave it open to atmosphere. Thanks!
  2. donny88

    60 gallon old air compressor tank

    Good day the place I work at has an old 60 gallon air compressor tank laying around and I was thinking about turning it into a reverse flow stick burner. Would the tank thickness be to thin and save my time and find a propane tank. Thank you for your input
  3. S

    Brick, Offset, Reverse flow, Gravity Fed smoker

    I wanted to share with everyone the new smoker I built. I couldn't find very little online in the way of offset brick smokers so I thought my experience might help someone in the future. A few things to consider - I'm in no way a brick mason, this was my first attempt at any masonry, in the...
  4. M

    63.3 Gallon RF, nearly complete

    I'm back again. My last post here was on September 19 of last year and I was getting some technical input from you guys on my build. It has been nearly a year, but it's now about 90% done, the rest of which is purely cosmetic. My project started life as an 80 gallon vertical air tank and was...
  5. T

    reverse flow help

    my brother and I just finished our first reverse flow build, and had a small issue while burning it out the first time. We couldn't get even temps across the grates. It was running 25 - 50 degrees difference from end to end. Ill add some pics so you can see how it's built. Any ideas...
  6. MakinStacks

    MakinStacks Smoke - First build

    Hey everyone! New to the forum and this wonderful world of smoking. I’m planning on building my first ever smoker and can’t wait to get started. For now, here is what I have to work with. 3CCE73FD-7941-4C24-90BB-F5E17B714629 by MakinStacks posted Aug 17, 2018 at 2:14 PM Unfortunately not ALL...
  7. A

    250 gallon propane reverse flow build

    Looking to build a reverse flow smoker from a 250 gallon propane tank. I want my smoker to be transported by trailer for family gatherings but also able to roll off trailer for home use.512A91E7-0039-479E-8621-CD2D0E5778EF by Alvin posted May 6, 2018 at 3:08...
  8. gklippert

    Building my first pit

    So I have been smoking using my master built electric smoker for a few years now and just feel like Its time to make a jump to a new pit. I do steel fab for a living and have access to a ton of material free of cost so I figured why not build one myself. I have my cook chamber it's a 23 inch...