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  1. Daba's BBQ

    Can I smoke a pork shoulder the way i smoke a pork butt?

    Can I cook a pork shoulder the same way I cook a pork butt?
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Very First Offset Smoker - advice needed

    I just bought my very first offset smoker. Having never used one before, any advice would be appreciated. I saw many videos where folks spray the grates and the entire interior with canola oil and run a "seasoning" fire for a few hours before their first cook. Is this a good idea and do I need...
  3. O

    Why are my pork ribs turning yellowy or greenish?

    Hi everyone, I am starting a new hobby, grilling and smoking meat, I love it. Today I bought some pork spare ribs, and they were looking delicious and a pinky color, really fresh. When I arrived home, I took them from the bag, to place them into the freezer, but I noticed that they were...
  4. B

    Briquettes vs lump charcoal

    If I have understood "project fire" by Steven Raichlen correctly, the biggest difference between briquettes and lump charcoal is that you don't have to wait for the lump to ash over, you can start as soon as they are alight, and top up as needed on the go. Have I made some horrible mistake in...
  5. B

    New to smoking, question.

    I've been an advid griller and even cook for a long time but am just getting into smoking. I recently bought a smoker box for my grill and am letting my brisket rest as I post this. My question is, as I get more into smoking what are the benefits of buying a smoker vs using the on my...
  6. G

    Should I keep my Masterbuilt Dual Fuel?

    Over the past few months I have gotten the itch to buy myself a smoker since we just moved to a new house. After reading Aaron Franklin’s book I really got excited about the romance of smoking with wood only and not using alternative sources such as coal or propane. That being said, after...
  7. C

    Cure question

    I sliced up my first batch of bacon of the year today and was a little puzzled by it. For starters the middle was awfully red compared to my previous batches, and above it was a little gray (thinking nitrite burn?). Figured I'd ask what everyone's thoughts are about it here. I have always...