propane tank smoker

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  1. T

    Starting My First Build

    Hi all, New-ish member here. Been smoking everything under the sun on big box store smokers for a little over ten years. Finally decided to get cracking on my own build. Picked up this 200gal beauty the other day and it's currently at the fab shop getting sand blasted and cleaned up. Not being...
  2. T

    Smoker Door Sprung

    Hey y'all! I'm finally building my offset smoker but ran into an issue with the door. When cutting out the main door the metal on the tank sprung. See pics Hard to get a fantastic pic of it, but the top bows in the middle. The bottom is bowed out the entire length of the door. The left side...
  3. M

    Is 36x16 to small for a smoker

    I'm a mechanic and the place I work has 2 tanks from old propane units that have been sitting to the side for a while now, I was thinking they would make a decent smoker. I'm currently using a oklahoma joe so these tanks are almost the same size just a bit skinnier and tad longer. I'm gonna ask...
  4. MeatPopsicle

    Need help reading my tank badge!

    Long-time lurker, first time poster! Y'all have already been a wild amount of help, and I'm hoping you can "officially" help me with a pickle I'm in. I picked up my 150gal tank last week for my first offset build and have some concerning questions about the tank (now that my excitement has...