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  1. SmokinAl

    A little experiment & a Porterhouse steak

    Many of you know that I just recently purchased a RT 1250. So of course I have been trying different things with it. Yesterday I added a water pan, and put some wood chunks on top of the burn pot cover. I didn’t know what to expect so I kept a close eye on it with a fire extinguisher. I set...
  2. C

    2" Thick Porterhouse on the Camp Chef

    Reverse sear. Brought up to 110 on the Camp Chef set to high smoke, let rest for 15 minutes, brushed some melted ghee on and seared on a scorching flat top. Starting to get the hang of this lol
  3. B

    Porterhouse steak on the BGE

    We have company coming in a few weeks and I'm thinking of doing some Porterhouse steaks on the Big Green Egg. I haven't found much on this subject so thought I'd throw out an idea and see what sticks. I'm thinking of using a similar technique to the one on smoking and reverse searing the...