pork butts

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  1. NefariousTrashMan

    Graduation party question

    My son’s graduation party is coming up soon and I am planning on smoking 4 pork butts. Is there any tips I should know for smoking multiple at once? I have smoked several butts but only one at a time. I have an old country pecos offset that I have modified some and I also have a pellet popper...
  2. N

    Sunday double header

    I bet noone fell for that opening. Sunday USA play Uruquay and Canada play Panama in pre world cup friendlies. Exciting time as both US and Canada prepare for the World cup. I always cook for after the match. Anyway, i saw @GrumpyGriller post for pulled pork mac and cheese the other day and...
  3. S

    New to smoking

    Tried 2 pork butts. They came out pretty good!!!
  4. MABulous

    Cooking Time for Multiple Pieces of Meat

    Quick question for the experts: smoking time for one 18lb piece of pork butt vs two 9lb pieces. Am I calculating by 18lbs or 9lbs (on the assumption that they are spaced far enough apart for air circulation)?
  5. duke-wayne-fan

    First time ever doing a butt

    Today I smoked my first butt ever. It went great. I put a 7.5 lb butt on my Dyna-glo smoker around 1245 pm and pulled it off around 845. Kept my temps around 230-260. Wrapped it in foil at 160° IT and pulled at 200°
  6. navg8r531

    Pork Shoulder Texas Crutch question

    Greetings smokers, gotta question. 1st time crutching a pork shoulder because i woke up a little late this morning. But, the internal temp is trucking along at a good speed. Concerned about bark loss. Can i unwrap the shoulder, still in the foil, to get some bark back when it gets closer to the...
  7. pork butts

    pork butts

    pork butts
  8. djsmokesupreme

    Memorial Day Pork Shoulder

    Starting a Sunday smoke. Starting with a small boneless pork shoulder, injected with 1 cup of a half and half mixture of bourbon and apple juice, with a packet of Saizon (Cuban pork seasoning) mixed in. I’ve liberally coated it with Jeff’s Rib Rub. Just waiting for the Weber Smokey Mountain to...
  9. S

    Help with smoking 2 butts

    Newbie to the forum here. I am also a newbie with smoking. I’ve had success with a single 8lb pork butt, but that one took 20 hours at 225 to get to 195 degrees. It stalled at 145degrees though It was awesome and had a killer bark. I put 2 x 9lb pork butts in the smoker (MB MES 30) 21 hours...
  10. markh024

    Pork Butts

    Hi gang, got some butts going and they're "looking" fabulous. I'm close to the 4 hour mark (20min to go)and I'm only at 113* on the smaller one, and 108* on the bigger. I'm not going to hit 140* in that safety zone. My concern is that I injected and this is dragging. The smoker has been at...
  11. chilerelleno

    Two Butts for Deer Camp

    Going to my buddy George's deer camp Sunday to help with the myriad of odd jobs that need doing before rifle season starts Nov17th. Cleaning out shooting houses, raking trails and trimming brush, corn into the silo and whatever else. So I'm smoking a couple of Butts for him since he is BBQ...