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  1. Hangingmeat

    Smoker exhaust

    Almost finished with my smoker. I am debating whether to put an exhaust pipe out the side of the smoker or just put in a vent for the exhaust. Trying to find out what people have had the most success with.
  2. R

    Vertical Smoker Build - Need Some Guidance

    Hi there. I have a 4' tall piece of pipe in my backyard that is 20" in diameter and made of 5/16" carbon steel (see pic). It's begging me to turn it into a smoker. I was originally going to build an offset smoker with it, but space is limited at my home, and I've determined that a vertical will...
  3. E

    Newbie building smoker for hubby, advice/input needed please.

    Hello all! This is my 1st post (It’s a little long)! We live in FL and love BBQ’g. My husband has been wanting a “smoker” and wants to build one...I’m the builder of the family and would love to surprise him. I wanted to include a rough sketch of what I was thinking based on how he likes to...
  4. titi cold smoke

    HELP my smoke generator don't smoke !

    Hi! I made this generator, and I use it with oak wood chips. The problem is that the wood chips go out very fast. And there is very little smoke. What is the problem? The pump? The chips? the pipes? Thank you for your answers.