overnight cook

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  1. squatchin

    Overnight pork butt in a hurry

    Hi everyone, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I did a "last minute" pork butt this weekend. Took it out of the freezer on Friday and ate it for lunch on Sunday, which is a personal record for hustle. Summary is this: overnight thaw, followed by approximately 12 hour brine, followed by...
  2. Y

    Struggling with Brisket

    Hello fellow smokers! I am new here and notice there is a lot of support. I am in the process of opening up a food truck and bought a Smokintex 1460 as space is limited. I am used to smoking in a massive Southern Pride smoker and I am struggling getting a hang of the Smokintex. I smoked a 10lb...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    Overnight Brisket Cook - My Game Plan

    I'm doing an overnight brisket cook at 225 starting around 11 pm. Here's my gameplan: - cook at 225 degrees with the flat towards the chimney - check temp in the morning; looking at 165 internal (approx. 7-8 hours) - pull and wrap in butcher paper; spritz paper with beef tarrow before...
  4. Daba's BBQ

    Very First Overnight Cook - what do you think of these digital thermometers?

    I decided to take a shot at an overnight cook for a 14-pound brisket for my July 4th bbq Having never done one, I definitely want to use an alarm to alert me if anything goes wrong while I'm sleeping. After reading through the boards, I narrowed it down to these two products: 1. Inkbird...