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  1. B

    Jerky in conveyor oven

    Has anyone tried making jerky with a conveyor oven?
  2. M

    Would love some advice for my current smoke session.

    I have a verticle gas smoker that I use wood chunks for, I am smoking Beef Ribs (thick boys) and a beef brisket, I got them to have a great bark and then wrapped them in butcher paper. I wrapped the brisket at 165-175 degrees and wrapped the beef ribs at 180 degrees. Once I put them back in the...
  3. D

    Fireclay sand required for a diy tandoor

    Hello Members, This is my first post here and my knowledge is low about the topic. Please go easy :-) Background I built a diy tandoor a few years ago(using popular instructions on youtube) and used it very often until the pot broke and vermiculite started dripping into the charcoal area. I...
  4. SmokinAl


    We decided to have pizza more often, and last night we thought we would try stuffed crust pizza. Judy had some pizza dough frozen, so we just thawed it out & rolled it out on a pizza pan. Then roll up string cheese in the crust. Some sauce. Onions. We used those mozzarella balls in...
  5. T

    Finishing cook in the oven

    Hey guys, I’m new in here. How are we all? I have a question: How many of you, when smoking a brisket especially, would smoke it in the smoker for the 6 hours and then wrap and finish off in the oven? Is it better not to? Does it make a difference if it’s wrapped? thanks!
  6. A

    Salt the brisket ahead of time

    Hi, we have a point end cut only brisket of about 2 pounds. Its is still too cold ( and windy ) to do this outdoors, so we will be doing this in the oven. 2 or 3 more weeks from now I'd like to try and smoke the same thing. I've grilled ( and smoked ) many things before but never have I made...
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