mes 40

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  1. mtodriscoll

    MES40 PID wiring questions

    I read through this post on how to Rewire and MES for the Auber PID controller: But it’s pictures do not match what I am finding with me MES… see attached images of what I’ve found. The one with the black post is the power cable...
  2. choochooman442

    MES 40 Dump Find

    Found this MES 40 in my local metal dump, as expected the control was dead. I had made a PID based control module for my 500 gallon counter flow smoker but had never used it. After cleaning off ten years worth of woodworking dust I mounted it on the MES 40. The MES wiring was easy to strip out...
  3. WI_GameMeats

    Injected Christmas 15lb Turkey

    -Spatchcocked 15.5lb Turkey (Honeysuckle brand) -Used the backbone, neck and giblets in the Instant Pot for Drippings (made a hell of a gravy later on) -This picture below is after an injection and homemade dry rub (I let the injection sit for 24 hours before smoking) Injection: -1 stick butter...
  4. tropics

    Turkey Kielbasi Fresh & Smoked

    Turkey Thighs were on sale 59 cents a pound,I picked up 10 packages 28 lbs. deboned gave me 19 lbs of ground Turkey.Gave the wife 6 lbs. for egg rolls or whatever she wanted to make. Some big thighs Boned Ground once thru small plate 6 lbs Mixed the cure for my Kielbasi with the NFDM I had 6...