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  1. D

    New Fully Insulated Vertical Offset Build

    This is my first post here. Some images below of my build. This was done from re-purposed metal. The inside is mostly 3mm (1/8) metal. The insulation is rockwool and the outer frame is 1.5mm aluminium. The insulation is throughout, even in the doors. Now one might ask why such an...
  2. S

    Insulating year-round?

    Hey all. New guy here. Been lurking a couple of days and figured it was time to join the commentary. I'll ask my question first and then give some more info for those who don't want to read my life story below... is there any benefit/harm to insulating your smoker year-round instead of only...
  3. R

    Something different

    So this is my first attempt at a home built smoker. I would like to do something different, and this is what i came up with. Not really sure where to put it as there was no submenu for vertical smokers. Please let me know what you guys think of it. Whether you like it, or think it's shite, all...
  4. bbde

    Southern Pride Electric Smoker

    I'm considering selling a very lightly used (like new) S-200 Southern Pride smoker. It's sitting on a nice stainless roller cart with sheet-pan slots underneath. Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Price: ?? Please PM me if you're interested in making an offer. Shipping: is an option, but...