inkbird sv

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  1. ravenclan

    Review of the INKBIRD Sous Vide I won with pics and review

    I won the sous vide give away and as promised ,This is what i tried this weekend I wanted to try bacon and also a cheap steak so blade steak was in the freezer. setting up the unit. I will be looking for a bigger container. bacon in at 145degrees for six hours steaks in at 145 degrees for...
  2. S

    Hmong-ish dinner - testing the new inkbird SV

    I'm no expert at Thai, Lao, Hmong cuisine, but I'm a quick study. My Hmong friends can't believe some white guy made it. Clockwise: SV pork belly then sauteed with Japanese eggplant and onions in a reduced soy glaze. Soured bamboo salad and Beef knuckles SV until tender then minced with onions...