homemade smoker

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  1. T

    Starting My First Build

    Hi all, New-ish member here. Been smoking everything under the sun on big box store smokers for a little over ten years. Finally decided to get cracking on my own build. Picked up this 200gal beauty the other day and it's currently at the fab shop getting sand blasted and cleaned up. Not being...
  2. S

    Brick, Offset, Reverse flow, Gravity Fed smoker

    I wanted to share with everyone the new smoker I built. I couldn't find very little online in the way of offset brick smokers so I thought my experience might help someone in the future. A few things to consider - I'm in no way a brick mason, this was my first attempt at any masonry, in the...
  3. M

    I want to make a homemade smoker, and i have these stainless steel. Any ideas?

    I found this around my house, stainless steel, please see pics attached. I want to know if i can make a smoker with these. I was thinking like a vertical smoker, but i don't know if is thick enough for example, and i would like some ideas please, and what else would i need. I have a gas bbq...
  4. Norm Kopesky @ CBM

    New BBQ restaurant in the works

    Good morning Wisconsin, My brother and I are spooling up for a restaurant space, we have farted around making central Texas style bbq for a couple years now and thought we would give it a go. We are currently running (1) 500 gallon homemade offset stick burner and (1) 1000 gallon homemade offset...
  5. C

    Start of my brick smoker build

    Hi there, everybody. Long-time meat smoker (on assorted cookers, most recently a cheap-but-effective Charbroil offset) and forum lurker, but now a member. Something I've long wanted to do, and have just started, is to build a brick smoker. So with about 1,000 bricks left over from a home...
  6. J

    Homemade Smoker

    Made a smoker from a fridge. It is gas and has hardy board insulation. Extra large water pan. I did alot of research before i did it. Man it works soooo good. The meat so evenly cooked and the smoke flavor is awesome never to much ans just right!!! It will hold temperature so good and the space...
  7. CSFJohn

    Smoking In Jacksonville, FL

    Hey Folks, My names John, I'm a Metal Fabricator at a small Fab. shop. I have built a dozen grills over the last 3 years, but this is my first Smoker. I'm a complete novice to the world of low and slow, so any advice, tips, what not too do's, would be most welcomed. The Smoker I'm building is a...