firebox opening

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  1. N

    FB/CC advice

    Hi all, Sorry for the repeated question regarding FB/CC configuration but I've hit a bit of a wall and hoping someone can shine a light on what to do next. My questions are : 1. Does it matter that the FB/CC opening is significantly larger than the opening at the opposite end of the CC? 2...
  2. Horst92

    In need of a little help with the FB/CC Opening of my build

    Hey guys, my first post here... greetings from Germany, just registered because I couldn´t exactly figure one main thing out in @daveomak great tutorial for building a RF smoker. First off, you guys did amazing work with that guide... Has really helped me so far. This is where I encountered a...
  3. L

    Having a bit of a pickle on firebox to chamber opening.

    I’m building my own smoker opted to build a regular offset as I’m somewhat of a newbie here. I have all my dimensions, how my set up is going to be everything but I’m having a bit off issues with the firebox to chamber opening. I seen a whole lot of threads, measure from the charcoal grate to...
  4. A

    Smoking in Central california

    building a 250 gallon reverse flow portable smoker