fire management

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  1. F

    Temperature variance across reverse flow offset smoker

    In a reverse flow smoker, Is it normal to have a 35 F temperature variance between one side of the smoker and the other side? Is there a way to resolve this problem? what techniques can be used to go around it? I have had An Oklahoma Joe Reverse Flow Smoker for quite sometime and I have used...
  2. Daba's BBQ

    I am having a fire management issue while cooking today's pork butt - advice needed, please

    7/14 - 8:23 am EST Good morning everyone I am in the process of smoking a 5-pound pork butt. I placed it on the grill around 7 am after the temps hit around 275-285 degrees. It has now been cooking for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I am using three probes. One in the pork and the other two monitoring...
  3. Thunderbug23

    Newbie Need Help

    So I been cooking on a WSM Wanted a offset so I bought a Old Country Pecos because it was the best bang for your buck, so I’ve cooked on it 3 times having issues every time I close the door the fire goes out so I have to leave the door open half way and I'm getting 20 minutes before I have to...
  4. AmazonDon703

    Help: Is there such a thing as too clean of a fire?

    Hoping some of the more experienced Pitmasters here can help me out. I recently purchased the old country BBQ pits smokehouse vertical smoker. I love everything about it except for I'm kind of noticing that it's not getting that much smoke on the meat. I'm not sure if it's the smoker or if...
  5. D

    Fire management on vertical stick burner

    Hello all, looking for help and advice from you who are far more expert than I! I've read a number of fire management guides and advice on this and other forums, but the usual things don't seem to fix my issues with fire control in my vertical stick burner. So I hope you're not all rolling your...