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  1. F

    The Electrics - "just the facts, ma'am" ; needing crash course

    First off, not a pro ; just average three time a year smoker... but I am originally from Texas, if that gives me any bonuses, I used a cheap walmart offset with lump coal and hickory/mesquite last 15 years. Seemed to get good results 90% of the time. I have cooked 4 times now in the new...
  2. thebig1

    AMNPS & Pellets vs. Creosote

    I've been reading about people talking about using their MES and a pellet tool to generate smoke. A lot are speaking of the continued need to produce TBS as opposed to the white smoke due to creosote. Most MES owners I talk to who use the AMNPS say that there is no need to pull the chip tray...
  3. endo129

    Pork Butt Failure

    So, at my little girl's request, I smoked a butt on Thursday to make her favorite meal, but it turned out to be a disaster; my first complete failure on the smoker. Not long in to the smoke I noticed black liquid dripping on my deck. I looked under my SmokeVault 24" and saw this was dripping...