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  1. PapaLlama

    Cowboy Ribeye (Again!) for Father's Day - Major Improvement

    Firstly, a big thank you to @zwiller & @wbf610 for giving me advice on using sand instead of water. That made a major difference this time around. My WSM 22" held steady at 230F with little to no management needed. Needless to say, I'll be using sand going forward. For Father's Day, I smoked 2...
  2. wbf610

    Reverse seared cowboy steak (bone in ribeye)

    I’ve done a few of these, and every time I see them in the store, I have to buy them since they turn out so well. Started with a 2.75lb hunk of meat. That’s your average size dinner plate. Sprinkled with kosher salt on one side, then back into the fridge for an hour. Flipped it, salted the...