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cook time

  1. YeOldeBrisket

    Extremely Fast Cook Times on Brisket & Butt with Insulated Cover - Can Dinner be Saved?

    Hi Folks, I'm seeing something pretty strange with my pellet smoker. I put a 9.5lbs butt and 12lbs brisket on my smoker at 225 and in just 7.5 hours, temps are 178 on the pork and 193 on the brisket (temp taken on the flat). Neither were wrapped. I've never seen cook times anywhere near this...
  2. softmeat

    YABF (yet another brisket failure)

    Hi all. Been a member here for quite some time, and have done a lot of reading here and other places. So believe me, asking this isnt on a whim its after a lot of reading and trial/error. In a nutshell, my briskets are coming out amazingly flavorful but amazingly dry and I cant seem to fix that...
  3. T

    How to pre cook pork ribs?

    Hi guys, i'm really new at smoking, i started doing this about 1 month ago, and I started a little business in my town of smoked brisket, pulled pork and now i'm trying to smoke some ribs. Since the restaurant is just delivery service or pick up and go i really need to figure out a way on how to...
  4. W

    How long to cook separated brisket

    Hi everyone, new here. I’m smoking my first brisket this weekend and it was 14 pounds. It is too big to fit in my smoker so I will have to separate the point from the flat and cook the point on the rack above the flat. If I am cooking at 225-250 how long should I expect to cook it for?
  5. N

    BBQ Log

    Warning: I geeked out real hard here.... I know there are a few resources out there for BBQ Cooking logs, but I wasn't extremely satisfied with any of them and decided to create one of my own with google sheets (link at the bottom) It looks a bit intimating, but bare with me as it really does...
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