cold smoked ham

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  1. daveomak

    Picnic HAM, cold smoked... Injected using my method... MONEY... sliced..

    Lookin' pretty good to me.... ............... For this ham, I decided I would cold smoke it for approx. 12 hours over a few days to see if the smoke flavor penetrated deeper.... 4 hours this afternoon... 4 hours tonight and 4 hours tomorrow... I'm gonna try and get 3-4 hours breaks...
  2. Rings Я Us

    Cold smoked ham

    Skin, bone and some fat removed. Rinsed and soaked in distilled water Arrows point out the pink area I cut a test piece from. Setting up for the rain cap After 28 hours cold smoke over 3 days Looking good so far. This fresh ham I injected and cured in a tasty mix for many days...