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  1. cardsfan

    Superbowl Chuckies! (with Q view)

    Smoked 2 chuck roasts for sammies on SB Sunday. Started with simple beef rub, salt pepper, garlic and onion powder. Smoked at 275. After 5 hours they stalled at 156. Wrapped them in foil and placed them in the oven at 275 until they probed tender at an I.T. of 204. Let them rest for 3 hours...
  2. masssmoke

    chuck roast for chili

    I am aiming to make chili tomorrow and wanted to smoke some chucky tonight for the meat. Planning to smoke the roast then rest and let it sit in the fridge overnight and then use it for the chili tomorrow. Any suggestions on how much to smoke the meat tonight? Thinking to the stall?
  3. B

    My first chucky

    I made this beef chucky over the weekend. I started with it in a water bath at 131 for 46 hours (Thanks to Bear). Then I put it in an ice bath for about an hour. Then into the smoker to an IT of 130 to get some smoky flavor and bark. It was tender, juicy, and delicious. It wasn't as tender as I...