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  1. KrisUpInSmoke

    Quick smoked Chuckie for Pulled Beef Sammies

    I was tight on time prepping for a big graduation party. I wanted to get the chuck roast good and smokey, then finish it up in the crockpot to shred for sandwiches the next day. I started with three good sized chuck roasts. I cut the roasts into evenly sized chunks and trimmed connective...
  2. xray

    A busy week smoking (pic heavy)

    I was off work the week before Memorial Day. I haven’t smoked a lot lately due to the lousy PA weather we seem to have anymore...so the smoking bug built up inside of me. Well, the weather was fine and I scratched that itch! I ended up smoking a few things, so let’s cut to the chase. Chuck...
  3. lemans

    Sunday Dinner

    My goal is pulled Beef on Bao Buns If not I can order a pizza!! Started with a 5 lb Chuck. Injected with Butchers Beef Boost and used Killer Hogs Rub. The Vision with the iKamand set for 250 using Lump and Oak Stay tuned
  4. hunter rose

    Triceratops Turds

    I'm calling these "Triceratops Turds." That is pretty much what they look like coming off the smoker. They are two chuck steaks that I trimmed, rolled and trussed. They then were in a Sous Vide meat bath for 45 hours, then an ice bath. I then re-seasoned it and put it on the smoker for 3 hours...
  5. disco

    Chuckie Beef Dip

    I had some friends coming over for a casual dinner. I also had a nice piece of chuck roast. Time for a beef dip! I started with about a 2 kg 4 pound chuck and rubbed it down with SPOG (salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder). I put chunks of one onion, one large carrot, 1 stalk celery and 2...
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