buckboard bacon

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  1. DougE

    A small run of Buckboard Bacon

    I wasn't going to bother posting, but hey, it's bacon! Used my standard dry cure: 1.5% salt 0.75% sugar (I usually use brown sugar) 0.25% Cure#1 I didn't use any additional spices in this batch, and honestly, I don't really find that garlic and other spices really come through in the finished...
  2. chopsaw

    BBB practice .

    Bought a couple of boneless butts that I was gonna cure for ham . Who ever took the bone out must have lost his glasses . Anyway , made some sausage , but did some bacon . The first one was a couple weeks ago , was pretty lean , but was really good . Nice and smokey . I filled the 12" tube...
  3. disco

    Double Smoked Buckboard Bacon

    I have been off the forums for a while and have missed them. I am trying to get back in the swing. I was going to visit my brother and niece in Edmonton and a tradition of me taking bacon with me is now in full force. My brother seems to like a bit more smoke flavour so I double smoked some for...