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  1. W

    Smoke Pit in Pittsburgh

    Hey, everyone. I think it's finally time for me to stop lurking and join in. Been referring to this forum for years in my cooking, and I'm coming to the point where I might need to ask direct questions. I'm in Pittsburgh and have been smoking for the past ten years or so. Started with a...
  2. C

    My Brick Pit/Tuscan Grill Project

    Hi there, everybody. Long-time meat smoker (on assorted cookers, most recently a cheap-but-effective Charbroil offset) and forum lurker, but now a member. Something I've long wanted to do, and have just completed, is build a brick smoker. So with about 1,000 bricks left over from a home...
  3. Jonathan Carlson

    Laying brick in my OKJ?

    One of my coworkers mentioned he placed a layer of brick on the bottom of his smoker. He said it helped regulate/distribute the temperature. Can anyone elaborate more on that cause I don't truly understand how that works. What kind of brick should be used. I think I might try it out, or am I...
  4. jwbusmusher

    Building a brick smoker?

    Hey All! I have recently bought the lot next door and after clearing the small pines and oak (saving the oak for later) I am kicking around the idea of building a small brick or block smoker. Nothing too grandiose, maybe half the size of a fridge with a offset box. Anyone have any ideas or...