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  1. kgb1

    Question on adding Bourbon flavor to smoked bacon

    I use Pop's curing brine for wet curing my pork belly (for 9 days) before smoking. I would like to try to introduce bourbon into the overall process for the added flavor. So I have a few questions: Which is the best approach: Adding bourbon to the brine during curing, or adding after curing...
  2. radioguy

    Memphis Barbecue Cocktail Aromatic Bitters

    Not sure where to post this one. I saw this on the tube and it caught my attention. Ordered the bitters, looking forward to a old fashioned or a bloody mary made with this. This was a bit pricey but what the heck....only live once. Does anyone have a favorite drink recipe that they want to...
  3. PitBossMikey

    Pineapple Bourbon glazed Baby Backs

    Well, the name says it all... Smoked 6 racks of baby backs on the UDS last night for our cookout this afternoon. I hit them with a nice savory dry rub, then sprayed them with a bourbon, pineapple juice, and Pepsi mixture after the first hour and then 45 minutes later again. Wrapped them in foil...
  4. Jgurley561


    I've been experimenting with coffee and bourbon and fresh rosemary in my sweat box while smoking a butt. Anyone else tried it? I'm using hickory logs and a homemade rub of sugar, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika.
  5. R

    Brown sugar bourbon smoked sausge?

    Does anyone have a brown sugar bourbon sausage recipe that they are willing to share?
  6. burgerbob

    Finally Tried Beef Short Ribs

    Earlier this year I purchased a whole purebred Red Angus with a few buddies from work so I ended up with a half of a half. I decided to have the butcher leave the short ribs for me so I could try smoking them. I also had 4 small short ribs leftover from when I decided to buy some from my local...