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  1. Preacher Man

    For Oklahoma People Who Love All Things Smoked

    You won't want to miss out on this opportunity! Renaissance Brewing puts out a fantastic product.
  2. Preacher Man

    How to Intensify Flavor in Sauce?

    I've been working on a BBQ sauce lately using a beer from a local brewery I frequent. I like where I'm headed, but one thing I'm trying to do is really intensify the flavor of this beer but also keep the sauce at the current thickness. My thought is to just add more beer and reduce it down...
  3. Chief Alien

    Smoking with Beer

    I am curious to hear any experiences and tips for adding beer flavors to smoking meats. I have read about soaking wood chips (but fear it would dilute the wood flavor?) and putting beer in the pan (makes more sense but would I do a 100% beer or a beer/water mix?). I also have been thinking a...
  4. D

    Using Bacon to smoke Beef Brisket,.. question?

    So I am smoking my first beef brisket in a masterbuilt electric smoker. I did some reading and am pretty sure I have all the knowledge I need,....well except after I got home and realized the Albertsons butcher (not sure he would qualify as butcher?), He trimmed off most of the fat cap. So I...