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    Wife is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Lord have mercy. These pictures definitely make me feel unworthy :emoji_laughing: I need to step up my game
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    Jeffs' Cream Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

    Well now I know what I'm trying next week. I'm bad about always putting my spin from the beginning and only loosely following a recipe so I never get to try the original deal for comparison. I 'spose I should try conformity just this once. Mmmm jalapenos... I wonder how ghost pepp.. no. stop it.
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    Bacon-wrapped Turkey this Sunday?

    Ok so here was the real deal last night to bring to work for a couple coworkers to try. I removed the skin and slathered in duck fat, then the Applewood bacon rub, then wrapped in bacon, and smoked for around 3.5 hrs til I hit 165-170 (then 60 seconds in the microwave to make sure I did hit...
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    Turkey thighs

    Why the higher temps for the thighs? I'm finishing up some turkey wings now but I was thinking as long as I reach 165+ I'd be ok?
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    Bacon-wrapped Turkey this Sunday?

    Well it'll take forever before I feel I'm satisfied or reached near perfection. I had apple juice in the pan for moisture, apple wood for chips, and Applewood bacon rub on the turkey before wrapping it in bacon. I had to use breasts and thin slices were all I could find, to make the lady happy...
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    Bacon-wrapped Turkey this Sunday?

    At the store now gathering everything and debating what ill do but ill keep you posted
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    Howdy, from a Mississippi boy in Texas

    Thank you thank you. Im in Fort Worth. I make bi-weekly trips back to Mississippi though for the kids and family. Ive not traveled the southeast rnd much and am from Jackson.
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    Bacon-wrapped Turkey this Sunday?

    So like my Roll Call post mentions, I just got this smoker. first real one I guess I'd say(I have a 3 section grill but never did use the smoker on this level and cant have it at the apartment. sigh.) I'm trying to ease into the saddle slowly but I really want to just jump up and ride the hell...
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    Howdy, from a Mississippi boy in Texas

    So I'm just a Joe Schmoe born and raised in Mississippi, branching out the past couple of years for work, income, and a better future for the youngins & family in general. I ended up in Texas (the wages are always better for me here anyway!) and I've been learning alot and meeting new people and...
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