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    What did I do wrong?

    Temps are pretty important on overnight smokes like pulled pork and brisket. Doing this with out relying on a good thermometer would make this an even harder chore. Saying your butt reached an internal temp of 165 degrees in 6 hours is an indication of a bad thermometer. Even ribs are a close...
  2. whistlepig

    Ribs with BBQ sauce question

    A really good rub can make the ribs good enough to eat without sauce. And I do this always. My rub recipe is that good. Sauce is there for dipping after the ribs are done. I never sauce my ribs in the smoker.
  3. whistlepig

    Score! Cherry wood!

    I like many woods for smoking but cherry is my favorite of all.
  4. whistlepig

    Finding charcaol

    Ace in Oxford and West Chester Ohio has no B & B. No ship to store. No curbside pickup. Ship to home available Only for 8.8 bags of briquettes with a limit of 10 bags. And I pay the shipping. I ordered (8) last week. Not cheap.
  5. whistlepig

    Finding charcaol

    I started out with a gas grill, Then an electric smoker, and now a Materbuilt Gravity series charcoal. I like charcoal smokers. I can find propane everywhere. Electric is electric. Pellet are everywhere. Charcoal (B & B) is very difficult to find.
  6. whistlepig

    Inkbird accessories

    I use this for the probes: https://www.thermoworks.com/silicone-probe-spool
  7. whistlepig

    need help picking out thermometer!!!!

    I've owned a Maverick, Thermoworks Smoke ll, and now an Inkbird IRF-4S 4 probe. The Inkbird is the best I have owned. My Inkbird has been out in a couple of rainstorms and snowstorms. The Maverick and Smoke ll didn't survive this type of use.
  8. whistlepig

    Vacuum sealing and freezing pulled pork

    I save the drippings in a foil pan and mix that in the pork when it's pulled. Then I vacuum seal it.
  9. whistlepig

    Reverse Searing Steaks

    I never owned a cast iron skillet but read that steaks seared in a cast iron skillet are good. Local store had Lodge 12" skillets on sale so I picked one up today. Looking for some cooking temps and time. I am thinking of smoking at 225 until until an internal temp of 110. Pull the steaks off...
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    Sweat Breads recipe

  11. whistlepig

    Sweat Breads recipe

    I haven't had any in decades and finally found a place online that sells them. I got a pound in the freezer that I am dying to try. As I remember we just cut them up, flopped them in flour, and in to a frying pan they went. Does anyone have any sweat breads recipes?
  12. whistlepig

    Knife question(s)

    Dexter Russel makes very good knives at reasonable prices. I have a couple with high carbon steel blades. These blades hold an edge well but will rust easily. I have a couple of Tojiro knives with VG-10 blades that are rust resistant and hold an edge very well.
  13. whistlepig

    What's a Picanhas and what's better about it.

    That made things easy. picanha it is! And a tri tip on the next try.
  14. whistlepig

    What's a Picanhas and what's better about it.

    The place that I found the pichana also has tri tip. I have never had either. Tri tip or pichana?
  15. whistlepig

    What's a Picanhas and what's better about it.

    Compared to other cuts of beef what is it like? Is it to be smoked and foiled? Slow smoked or grilled?
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