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    What's your occupation?

    In my entire career Ive have never heard of such a horrific story. CPS is rarely anything like what you've described , usually nobody dies and there is no blood. Like the Police, paramedics, trash , water, CPS is, unfortunately, an essential service. What happens to the 2 yr old who is found...
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    Char Broil Big Easy issue

    I have the Big Easy and i put the chips in the chip box and attach it to the side of the smoker. i do not soak anything and i get a good steady burn with smoke coming out like a choo choo train. The box is so  small tht i have to re-load a copule times for a long slow burn. HAve you had any luck...
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    Big Easy experienced user

    Please give me a shout about your experience with the Big Easy by Char Broil. The manual is extremely unhelpful about cooking times or anything else. Also the convection oven component cannot be overlooked bc that changes everything. There is practically nobody with this smoker and Im open to...
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    What's your occupation?

    I am a  County Social Worker and do emergency placements of children. The child welfare business can be very stressful not only due to the nature of the biz but also bc California is broke so no raises or new hires in 3 yrs and the caseloads are high. Consequently my down time is essential and...
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    BIG EASY by Char Broil propane smoker

    Does anyone have one of these unique propane smoker?  IF so where can i find info on times & temps for smoking. Because this puppy is also a convection oven when it smokes the time is tripled and food cooks much FASTER. Burnt my first brisket to a crisp in a little over 2 hours. Anyone help? Westy
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    I have the Char-Broil BIG EASY, which apparently is not too common. Still adjusting to...

    I have the Char-Broil BIG EASY, which apparently is not too common. Still adjusting to determining times & temps for this smoker because it's also a CONVECTION OVEN. This means low and slow means low and Fast. Therfore iam smoking in a convection oven which cooks much faster. CAN anyone help me...
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    The Big Easy by Char-Broil

    thanks for your input.
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    The Big Easy by Char-Broil

    I bought this Infared smoker, roaster & grill& am flabergasted with this propane-powered cooking system. This convection smoker appears to work at lightening speed. The manual says cook time is 10 minutes per pound! Say what? yes. I did not believe it so my first effort to smoke a brisket after...
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